Peter Berman

Peter’s gateway into the Financial Services industry dates back to 1997, where he progressed and headed up a telemarketing team, selling educational courses which sought to teach individuals and corporates how to master their money management skills, and improve on investment knowledge. He then entered the corporate world and found that his passion lay predominantly in the Investment arena.

Peter joined JBL Wealth Management in 2007. The fit was ideal as JBL Wealth Management had built a solid reputation in the investment arena in South Africa, and Peter could now fulfil his passion by endeavouring to create broadly based financial planning solutions for all his clients. Their national representation also allows the team to play in a unique and elite space in the Financial Services Industry. Peter is married and a proud father to his 3 boys. In his spare time, he enjoys running, riding the trails of South Africa on his Mountain Bike, and spending quality time with his family. Peter is delighted to be part of such an outstanding team and looks forward to many years of health, wealth and happiness.